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Compost Year Round!
Even though your compost might freeze solid in the deepest winter, there is no need to put those organics in the landfill! In fact, the freeze-thaw cycles help to break down the materials that you are adding, and they will decompose even faster when spring arrives. Check out our winter composting tips.


Cycling into the winter months...
We at Green Action Centre wanted to offer some encouragement and advice on cycling through the winter!
Contrary to popular belief, you can get too hot while riding, rather than too cold!

Green Action Centre Newsletter

Get Your Green On! Green Action Centre Fundraiser
A big thank you to everyone involved with our “Get Your Green On!” fundraiser that took place Saturday, November 6, 2010 at The Academy. 

Thank you to the hundreds of supporters who came out or bought tickets to the event, to the many sponsors for the fabulous prizes that helped us raise funds, to the performers, and to our staff and board members for pulling it all together.

Buy Nothing Day - Participate by not participating!
This year, Buy Nothing Day will take place Friday, November 26, 2010. It is an international, informal annual event dedicated to raising awareness of overconsumption.

You can also check out a hilarious video made by local Winnipeg teenage culture-jammers, Jane and Lauren’s take on Buying Nothing for Nothing!

Originally promoted by “culture jammers” and the Canadian-based magazine Adbusters, Buy Nothing Day popularizes a commitment to refrain from purchasing for one day – a full 24 hours – on the last Friday in November, which is generally the busiest shopping day of the year in North America. You can also visit Buy Nothing Christmas which provides more ideas as we enter the holiday season.